Jungle warriors.

Another big day today. We all assembled and enjoyed breakfast together before heading out to start the day. The group that dug the holes yesterday were able to get their things ready and head out on the jungle walk with the elephants. They absolutely loved it! It was crazy walking them through their natural habitat and seeing them use their strength to form new and bigger paths everywhere they went. They are so big, yet so quiet when they are heading through the jungle, and you can’t ever even see them.

Everyone out in the jungle

The other group headed out to clean out the elephant shelters, and then start the hard work of digging the holes for the new elephant enclosure. We need 150 holes and so far from this season of volunteers we have dug about 80, which is absolutely incredible. They are hard to dig as they get as deep as your chest. Today, it was muddy as it had been raining all night, but it ended up being a bit easier to get the clay out as it clumped together.

Lily getting down and dirty digging her hole.

The gang after getting dirty digging holes

We were all pretty hungry after that so we headed in for lunch. At lunchtime we all started doing a whole lot of riddles and playing games that everyone had to try and guess how we did it. It got a bit heated as we went on for an hour and only one person had got it. But then we headed back to work.

The digging holes group headed out to plant corn and sugarcane so we can keep feeding the elephants and the monkeys and making this sanctuary as sustainable as possible.

The group after they planted all their sugarcane

While the other group headed out to finish the monkey toys in the jungle. We ended up finishing this giant monkey ladder that we are hoping to connect to some trees and the lake in the semi wild enclosure for all the monkeys to play around.

We just finished the monkey ladder!!

Then we started organising the food for the elephants and headed out to feed them. It’s such an awesome experience to just sit and watch them be fed, the way they use their trunks to grab the food. The way they can just crush anything!

Once dinner was served, we all sat around and ate and shared stories, then we all got together and started playing spoons. It was an intense game that ended up leading into a couple of mafia games. Then we all headed to bed for an early morning get up.