Last full day at the sanctuary

Hi everyone!

Today was our last full day at the elephant sanctuary and almost our last day of program! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. This morning we split into two groups again. Half of us finished weeding the sugar cane fields. The other half of us cut down sugar cane for the elephants and collected rice from the mill for compost and fertilizer. Lunchtime marked the end of our project work here. After giving Arunria a bath, we took pieces of orange cloth that had been blessed by Buddhist monks and wrapped them around trees in the jungle. We do this to discourage anyone from cutting them down. Because the cloths wrapped around them are blessed, it is believed that anyone who cuts down that tree will have bad luck for the rest of their lives. This is a risk even those in the illegal logging industry are not willing to take. After trekking through the jungle, we came back, chopped up bananas and sugar cane, and fed the elephants. Tonight we will watch a documentary about the release of animals back into the wild. Everyone is looking forward to a relaxing last evening 🙂


Volunteers shown above: Femke


Volunteers shown above: Kendra and Josh


Volunteers shown above: Ike, Alexandria, and Sarah


Volunteers shown above: Emily, Kristin, Ilana, Ashlynn, and Erin


Volunteers shown above: Marianne, Kristin, and Femke


Volunteers shown above: Erin



Volunteers shown above: Samantha

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