“Let me take a selfie so my mum knows I’m doing hard work.”

Hiiiiiiii internet world!

We survived our first day of hard work and sweat (more than we knew the human body was capable of). But we aren’t even bothered by it because it has been such a rewarding experience so far. After breakfast, we traded our electronics for some good ol’ fashion planting vegetables in our garden. Here are the sanctuary all of the meals are vegetarian and we get to see the vegetables right from the porch of our bungalows. In the garden today we planted a lot of cucumber. Then we made individual nurseries for the long beans, a vegetable found in many traditional Cambodian dishes.

June 4 (1)


June 4 (2)

… Many many long bean plants!

After planting our vegetables we cleaned the ducks swimming pool, walked with the elephants and took a mud bath with them then got to feed the elephants some more! Today’s snack was watermelon and sugar cane.

June 4 (4)

We may have only arrived yesterday, but we are already feeling at home! Between unpacking our bags in the bungalows, spending our down time hanging out in hammocks on the front porch and getting to know the Khmer language with the workers on the site we may never want to leave.

June 4 (3) We have even taken a liking to do our own dishes. The lovely women even showed us the proper way to do it!

Tomorrow already looks to be a promising day full of more hard work and time with the elephants.


PS. Thank you for all of the comments from home. We love reading them over dinner!

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