Lets go for a swim

Waking up to the sounds of the jungle is the best alarm clock ever!
We set all up by 7am eating Brekki and getting ready for the day. At 8:15 we started the work day. Dan took us to grab shovels and hoes and we were off to dig up some trees from the green house an plant them at the end of the jungle. The trees will grow fruits that can be fed to the elephants. Our initial goal was to plant 200 trees by lunch time but by the time lunch swung round we had almost planted 400 trees which was incredible.
After lunch we snoozed in our hammocks and had a well deserved rest.
Soon 2:30 rolled around and it was time to go and wash the elephants in the dam.
Of we went in a big group walking through the jungle with the elephants in tow. After a 25 minute walk we arrived at the dam. The elephants dived straight in and so did we, grabbing buckets and started throwing water over the elephants. This soon turned into a water fight but was so much fun.
Once we arrived back it was time to prepare the food for the elephants and then feed them again. This is by far everyone’s favourite part of the day. I snuck off at this point and was able to locate a guitar. We hung out played guitar and then after dinner Dan put on a documentary about the work reach out volunteers has done at the sanctuary. Afterwards we headed to bed after a massive day

Another amazing day at the sanctuary.



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