Look at her ho!

First full day at the elephant sanctuary was amazing! The food here is SO GOOD, and over all it’s just such a peaceful and beautiful place to spend time in. This morning we split our large group of 20 in two. The first group worked on building a dam to create a second watering hole for the elephants to bathe in. The second group worked on cleaning out the geese pond and planting trees. We all met up for lunch which was a different array of vegetarian dishes (they serve only vegetarian food here) the french fries and pasta were some of our favourites.


In the afternoon, the first group headed down to bathe Arun Rai and get some photos, while the second group worked on seeding. Don’t worry, they’ll get the chance to bathe the elephant tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for those pictures!


Stan, our coordinator and guide here at the sanctuary, looking very sly with that massive bucket of water…


We’ll get him back…


Everyday at 3:00PM we feed the elephants. This involves hacking up watermelon, pumpkin, sugar cane and a whole lot of banana. Elephants eat roughly 18 hours a day, that’s equals out to a lot of elephant poo! As we fed our new friends, we ha the chance to get some epic ‘kiss the elephant’ pictures.


We just finished a delicious dinner and have been playing card games and talking most of the evening. We’re all settling in to watch another short film on the sanctuary, then we’ll all probably head to bed early again. It’s been a long day.

See you all tomorrow!!!



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