magic under the moonlight

What an amazing sound to wake up too, the beautiful elephants all squeaking and chatting amongst each other. We started the day again with cleaning the shelter, then we all piled into the van, and had a little adventure to the local school to meet the students and teach them some new and exciting educational games. Julie and Morgan played Simon Says while teaching them different body parts. The two Lupita’s split up their classroom and played a word game on the board, teaching the children how to find the word so they knew how it was spelt and sounded. Jamie and Tommy had the kindergartners, they basically just wanted to jump all over the two, but they managed to have them sitting down and were teaching them the alphabet. Nikki and Makenna were playing I SPY while pointing out colours and different animals in the room to get the classroom to repeat it. And lastly Kayla and Courtney had the eldest students, who understood a lot of English, so they rotated through a lot of educational games with the children as they caught on very fast. Once the lessons had been learnt, it was time to PLAY! We decided to organise a couple of different duck, duck, goose games and chase-y. Lupita and I also tried to join a jumping game, but the girls were so amazing, jumping over a piece of string that was even taller than me. It was then time to say goodbye, and give lots of cuddles before heading back to the sanctuary for lunch.

Courtney and some her children out of the classroom

Morgan and Jamie being big kids themselves.

Lunch was fantastic like always, we relaxed a bit, then headed out to plant the sugar cane that will eventually be fed to the elephants. What a hot, and tiring day. But wow, oh wow, we got a lot done in such a short amount of time. We ended up digging over four hundred holes and planted so many different sugar cane stems, some holes even have four in them! It was absolutely amazing how much we could achieve when we really work hard and put our minds to it. We were all thankful the work day was done though. It had been another long day!

Kayla and Lupita still looking glorious as they plant their sugarcane

We gathered around the table for dinner, and Aek put on another documentary. Tonight, it was quite a sad one, it showed all the horrific things that humans do to elephants, how they are trained for any form of tourism or performing tricks. Even when they are captured for the logging industries such as the three beautiful girls that are rescued here with us. It was quite hard to watch, and once it was over, we were all a little sad. So we decided to head out and sit under the full moon next to the elephants and do a little full moon ceremony. We all had such a nice night under the moonlight, chatting and listening to the elephants chit chatter away too with their little squeaks.

Everyone enjoying the full moon magic.