My beautiful Volis have finally arrived! IM SO EXCITED!!! Straight from OZ ladies and gentlemen we haaaavvvveee……


Drum roll Please!!

voli-g1 voli-g12


Miss Calypso Ferrier-Tuttle… What a beautiful, amazing girl this is!!! Calypso is so excited to be here and she is such a good hiker!!

Miss Zoe Henderson… She LOVES net ball aaaand she will tell you everything you need to know i.e.( Theres a net and a ball and it’s kinda like baseball but not really at all) and even be extremely nice about explaining it to an ignorant sports (me).

Miss Jessica Reilly…. Jessica enjoys a good game of football ( but no the American football, and also no the English football but something in between)

Miss Sharni Cripps… Might as well call her the cookie monster because she LOVES oreos.. I mean who can blame her… Oreos are AMAZING

Mr Daniel Bugg.. His name gives him justice ladies and gents because.. he loves bugs! And salamanders… He’s STOKED for the elephant sanctuary

Miss Stacey Couldhord…. This Aussie babe has the most beautiful blond hair EVER AAANNNDD she loves the Cambodian showers (cant wait for bucket showers!!)

Miss Sami Holt… Sammy was the first one to jump in the pool (TREND SETTER ) and would do anything for a good sammy-which (see what I did there)

Miss Laura Gay… Her and miss Gemma Crapper are two peas in a pod and boy are these girls funny… Laura is also the best french braider I’ve ever seen

Miss Gemma Crapper… the name is self explanatory… she’s actually a gem and can’t get enough Cambodian spring rolls (especially the sauce)

Emma Franke… Miss Emma is a gosh darn delight and is probably the BEST marco-polo player in all of Cambodia at this point (whether Cambodians know how to play marco-polo is debatable buuut none the less this girl is AMAZING)

Miss Lillian Rowley-Powney… Lily is a hoot and she loves her Pringles.. but don’t give her anything with a straw because it will be on her shirt in two minutes flat ( that’s ok I LOVE LAUNDRY)

Miss Sam Ryan… Miss Sam is SO curious!! She loves asking questions (and I absolutely love answering them) and she will be easily shocked when team leader Kenzie jumps into pools fully dressed..

Miss Karli Fiegert- Baxter… This is one Bad Butt Chick (because I can’t say ass… whoops) she also has great taste in bathing suits that make the ‘perfect tan lines’ this girl is AWESOME

AAAnd of course our two lovely teachers for this group

Miss Robyn Knight and Miss Trudy Haines: These Ladies are absolutely wonderful and I am SO excited to get to know them better!!!


Welp folks that’s the line up for the next week at the Elephant sanctuary!!! Everyone is SUPER DUPER pumped to be frolicking through the jungle for a whole week taking care of these fantastic beasts!

Like I said in my last post I will be keeping this blog up to date everyday for the next week so please comment and share!! (especially friends and parents…. I will read your comments to the Volis every morning at brekky so make sure they’re extra sappy and adorable)!!!

Over and out!

Mack Attack

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