Meet YOUR Team Leaders!

IMG_5246Welcome to the Cambodia Elephant & Village Immersion Program!We are super duper excited to be team leading you this summer! Let us tell you a little about ourselves… John, being a chivalrous guy… is letting ladies go first. My name is Briana! I have been working with Reach Out Volunteers for 2 years now. I started as a volunteer on the Cambodia Islands Program, and helped recruiting in my hometown. I have traveled throughout Canada, the US and South East Asia; and am very happy to be back in Cambodia. I have my own landscaping business, back home in Waterloo, Ontario. And attend Wilfrid Laurier University for a Biology and Psychology double major degree. I am an avid traveler, love immersing myself in new cultures, and try to help out where I can. Okay John… your turn! I’m John and I’m excited to lead the Reach Out Volunteers’ Cambodian programs this season! I graduated from American University in Washington D.C. 2 years ago with a degree in International Relations and Arabic and have been working my way around the world ever since. I’ve lived in Jordan studying Arabic and working for USAID, back packed from Kenya to South Africa, and I have done volunteer work across America and Sub-Saharan Africa. I’ve been working with Reach Out Volunteers for while now and I’m ready to get started making a real difference in Cambodia!

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