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The Sun has set upon another day at the Elephant Sanctuary. These days have been flying by!

We started off our morning early as usual with a 7AM breakfast of rice, fruit, and fried french toast (YuM). In the morning we divided up into two groups again. The group who was working on the toilets for the Rangers yesterday went into the wild jungle to finish the fire break, while the other group went to work on the toilet. We’ve officially finished all the brick laying for the toilet and now just need to start the second stage which involves more cement! The fire break nearly complete as well.


For those of you who are not familiar with fire breaks, the basic concept goes as follows. During the dry season (December-May) the grasses in the jungle dry out making them highly flammable. If left to its own devices the entire forest could catch a flame, endangering all of the wildlife and the elephants. a fire break is basically a controlled burn of long thin line of piled grasses. Because this grass has been fully burnt it deprives a spreading fire of fuel and creates a sort of wall where the fire cannot pass. If a fire starts spreading throughout the jungle everything on the other side of the fire break will be spared.


In the afternoon one group went out with the elephants for a little adventure through the jungle while the other went off to collect fertilizer for the organic gardens… in the form of cow dung :D!

It was eventful day and we reeled it in with two more documentaries; One about the story of our elephants and the other about the Rangers who guard them and the forest.



John and Kate +19

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