Mud fight!

Dear Blog,

Welcome to yet another day of the fabulous life of these stellar volunteers! We have learned a lot of things throughout our week here in the elephant sanctuary, but more than anything, we have seen the true change we are doing here. We appreciate all the time and effort each and every single volunteer puts into every day.

Now, we started by cleaning up after our favorite ladies. The other group went in to finish building the damn, and to enjoy a mud fight. The mud fight was USA vs. Australia (or me vs. 10 people).

We bathed the elephants and made sure they were squeaky clean, it was for sure a blast and a half. This was also an opportunity to tour the monkey enclosure, where monkeys are rehabilitating from horrific pasts.

Now the night ended with a visit from a local school, where they taught us traditional Khmer dancing. Towards the end we did an iconic lip sync battle, where everyone brought their A game, and we had various winners!

As for me, I left my dignity on the lip sync stage after lip syncing to “Wrecking Balll” by Miley Cyrus…


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