Not very rice of you.

Oh me oh my! What a day, what a day. It was another glorious day here in elephant sanctuary bliss. Of course we had our ever wonderful hammock time, but the work today was also top notch. We began the day in our same groups and swapped the jobs from Monday. One group went again to work on the fire break around the area of the forest and the other went to do more work on the military toilets. If I didn’t mention before, the reason we are building the toilets for the military camp is because they are helping us to protect the animals and trees in the sanctuary. As a thank you, we are helping to build them toilets. We have helped create a great relationship with them and it is exciting to have them for future assistance and negotiations with the cambodian government as well as reciprocity of different things.DSC06535DSC06536IMG_8080

During lunch, everyone was in the most exciting mood ever from receiving hot chips/fries. It was a mad rush to the hot plate of chips. I almost got trampled myself! :O However, it did set a great mood for the afternoon work. We went in the same groups once more and continued the toilets and the other group went to collect rice husk to be used for fertilizer. During our collection, I being the innocent bystander, was dragged and thrown into the enormous pile of rice husk. I did nothing to provoke this behavior whatsoever, yet I was tackled into the mess. Unbelievable, right? It was actually really funny, but we were so itchy afterwards. Good idea at the time, bad idea afterwards. Needless to say, the four of us who were swimming in the husk went sprinting for the showers immediately after arriving back to our cabins. IMG_2678IMG_2686IMG_2688

You take selfies on my phone, I put them on the blog silly gooses!

You take selfies on my phone, I put them on the blog silly gooses!

The fun didn’t stop there, though! We had a face off this afternoon playing soccer against the volunteer coordinators and the elephant trainers. Even though we tried our very best and may have cheated a little, they still beat us… They are so good though. Holy moly! This evening we also taught english to the military soldiers. It was a great experience for them and for us. They’re so cheeky. Overall, we had quite the fun day. I wish we could do it again! Thank goodness we have another full day here! Till next time 🙂 IMG_8083IMG_8084IMG_8085

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