Off to the Elephants we go!

On the road we go!

Leaving Phnom Penh nice and early we loaded into our two minibuses heading towards The Elephant Sanctuary. For most of the group this was their first time experiencing Cambodian driving which is an experience in itself!

We were lucky enough to have a very smooth ride by Cambodian standards not that anyone would have noticed with all the hilarious stories we were finding out about each other. It seriously feels like the group has known each other for so long already!


The team outside our accommodation

After arriving we took a short walk down the main road to familiarise ourselves with the small town and check out all the interesting fruit stands


Clare, Jane, Lena, Jade with Jase looking on trying their coconuts!

We then met with the director of the Elephant Sanctuary Jack who talked us through what we would be doing over the next weeks and got everyone excited for the next few days. Following this with a delicious meal and some great stories a fantastic night was had.


Enjoying our delicious dinner!

Time for bed, Elephants in the morning!!!

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