Off to the jungle!

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to the elephant blog 🙂 This morning, 23 volunteers and I loaded into a bus and drove a couple hours to the elephant sanctuary. After settling into our huts, we took a tour of the facilities where we got to see our cubicles for bucket showers, our huts, and the monkey and gibbon enclosure!! These cheeky monkeys were very excited to have so many volunteers coming through. Later, we prepared food for the elephants. Almost everyone has become a pro at using a machete now! And everyone still has all 10 fingers (always a plus:)). Finally, after a week of anticipation, we were introduced to the elephants, Cameron and Arunria. And inevitably, despite my warnings, everyone squealed when the two beautiful elephants slowly glided around the corner. Yes, glided! They may be huge, but they are very graceful creatures 🙂 Everyone got to feed the elephants. The mahouts taught us how to touch the elephants trunk so they would know to grab the food from our hands. Then everyone got to stand next to the elephants, feel their rough skin, and of course take a photo! Tonight, the volunteers will watch documentaries on these elephants and their lives before the sanctuary. We’re all looking forward to this coming week, full of hard work and of course, elephants! 🙂



Volunteers shown above: Femke, Bailey, Sarah, Rachel, Lindsay, Ilana, Emily, Jessica, Justine, Ashlynn, Samantha, and Ike



Volunteers shown above: Emily


Volunteers shown above: Marianne


Volunteers shown above: Lindsay


Volunteers shown above: Erin

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