One Day in Phnom Penh and full day on the Bus!!

First Day!!
Hi Everyone, Reach Out Volunteers Parents, Friends and other Relatives welcome to visit the Blog of Elephants.
Today is the first day that we meet the amazing people tries to be the vegetarian for a week and eager to conserve the animals’ lives. After a busy arriving at the Phnom Penh airport. Everyone is fine and we just meet each other a few minutes and let each other and had a short orientation from Mr. BaBoon about our program for two weeks in Cambodia. We head straight to have dinner at the Tom Yam Kong Restaurant that is the great restaurant. After dinner some of us went to one of the night market in Phnom Penh. In there we bought a lot of pants, shorts and some T-Shirts.



On the way to The Killing Field!!
After we had an hour for shopping, we went back to hotel to bed, because we need to wake up early in the morning and we will have a long day to see the Killing Field and S-21 Prison and take the bus to Siem Reap. In the Killing Field we found out many sad stories to this beautiful country and friendly people. There were over three million People out of eight Million the whole population were killed in the regime.
After that we had lunch and then the pickup bus came to pick us up to Siem Reap. It is nearly Eight hours on the bus to Siem Reap.
We had stop once on the way to Siem Reap and we also had the Crickets for our snack. That is such a great experience to have bugs in Cambodia.


Now we arrived in Siem Reap, every one prefers this City than Phnom Penh. Then we went to have dinner late at the Khmer Taste Restaurant. We do hope we will have a great day with our beautiful volunteering works in this country. Now it is time to bed, because we need to wake early in the morning to see the Elephants, Monkey and some of other animals in the Elephant Refuge.



Second Day!!!


Cambodia Wild Life Sanctuary Arriving!!!

Sua Sdei ( Hello ) everyone!

Today was such a great day for us who from different part of the world (USA, Canada, England, Australia, Scotland, Singapore, Burma and Cambodia) to conserve elephants, monkeys and other animals which people treat them for vehicles and pleasure for the other people. We took the bus almost two and half hours to the Elephant Sanctuary. On the bus we had competition of USA, Canada, England, Australia, Singapore, Thai and Cambodian Voice by sang the National Anthem. When we arrived there we met most of the guys from Thailand and some from Cambodia have been waiting us. After we check in our beautiful and clean hut with some spiders inside some of our nets, we went straight to have lunch with our elephant teams. That is such a delicious vegetarian lunch.



Breakfast and after breakfast at the Guest House!


On the way to the Elephant Sanctuary!

After Lunch we had an orientation about the Cambodian Wild Life Sanctuary by Mr. Mix and Yo who is a volunteer coordinator in the great place. He walked us to see cute monkeys, introduce us to the local military that help to protect this national park. After that we prepared the food like cutting the Sugar Cane and chopping the water melons for two elephants their names are “Arun Reah” means The Morning Sunshine and Kim Lin that means the beautiful lady” in Cambodian Language. Even they are a bit old but they are very gentle to us as our moms we can kiss, hug and touch them that we want



Orientation around the Elephant Sanctuary…


Prepare the food for the Elephant…

We fed, offered cleaned water to drink and washed them as well. That was an amazing job that we have done for them and this elephants sanctuary. After we have done these great jobs it is time for us to take a shower in the Cambodian traditional. We need to us the bucket to flash and also for the toilet. That is our new experiences in the jungle.



Feed and get a drink to the Elephant, Tinny Spider in our Hut…

Now it is time for dinner….Emmm Every our meals are vegetarian event we are not the vegetarian now we become these kind of these people. That was such a great food, because we come here to conserve the animal’s lives. And then we watched about the amazing movies that tell about the cruel treatment to the beautiful creature in the world “Elephant”.
We do hope our volunteering job here can conserve and the great model to all the people who have had cruel treatment to these gentle and beautiful animals.




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