Orange Forest

Thursday was our last day of work here at the elephant sanctuary. After the much appreciated surprise of a pancake breakfast we got ready to start our day.

In the morning we split up into two groups for the last time. The first group went to off to the work site to continue our construction efforts while second group stayed and preformed maintenance on the goose and turkey habitat at the sanctuary.

For the afternoon we all ventured into the forest together. We carried with us orange cloths, blessed by local Buddhist monks. We searched the forest for adequate candidates. We found them amongst the trees. We tied the cloths around the trees to protect them from loggers.

The theory is that because it is considered sacrilege to cut down a tree donning the Orange color of the cloths (it is the color of Buddhist monks), potential loggers will leave those trees alone. The goal is to tag every tree in the sanctuary with these cloths to dissuade the local people from exploiting the forest.

On the way back from our adventure we met up with the elephants

After dinner we had our last documentary, this one about the elephants them selves and then enjoyed a Bon fire to celebrate our last night

Tomorrow the good byes begin.

Good night,

John R



Evie doesn't understand how to use a camera

Evie doesn’t understand how to use a camera

#model lyfe

#model lyfe






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