Ot-tay Okun (No thank You!)

Heroow dere everybody!

Thanks to all of the wonderful supporters of this blog and the volunteers!! We LOVE all the comments over here so keep em coming!!!

Today was a great day of relaxation, bartering, eating spiders and spending far too much money at the market.

It was a free day today so everyone enjoyed a nice morning off with a real latte and plenty of wifi!! The volunteers discovered Sister Srey Cafe which is an amazing little spot right on the river with AMAZING coffee and brekky!!

Some of us spent the afternoon covered in cucumber masks… yes cucumbers. Laura, Sharni, Gemma and I got facials… and let me tell you Cambodian facials are worth the $12!!

Emma and Robyn spent the afternoon trying to explain to all the shop members they weren’t related.

Daniel Zoe and Jess became best friends with the owner of the shop around the corner, Trudy and I fooled everyone into becoming vegetarian. Karli and Calypso bought some adorable dresses and Sam, Emma, Lily and I bonded over our love for banana shakes!

Stacy, Sami, jess, Zoe and Daniel and I enjoyed a nice little swim at the local pool!

SO many activities!!

We ended the night with a wonderful dinner out which of course means lots of curry, vegetable noodle soup and shop stick shenanigans. Then We shopped until we dropped at the night markets!!

What a wonderful day!!!