Our Final Day with the Elephants


Elephants always Photobombing!

Today was our final day with the beautiful creatures who have become very dear to our hearts over the past week.

We split into two groups for the morning to feed the Elephants tasty banana tree treats.


Bree making friends


Lena with a very happy Ruby!

Two of our fantastic volunteers Lena and Dahlia are vets in training and were able to get some incredible information from Jack as he showed them how to take Elephants pulse and feel their heartbeat.


Jack, Lena and Dahlia

After feeding the Elephants we were able to give them a bath and then observe the incredible creatures for the rest of the day.


Jase giving a bath!


Twice the fun!

It has been an incredible week, with these animals. We have learnt so much about the elephants and ourselves. To know that we have been lucky enough to spend time with Elephants in their natural environment and volunteer on the sanctuary has been amazing.


All this work has resulted in some rather strong volunteers!

Tomorrow we are off bright and early to the beautiful city of Siem Reap, now its time to celebrate and reminisce on our amazing week with the Elephants.


Might as well jump!!!!!