Our new elephriends

Tuesday 15th July 2014


Today was our first day at the elephant sanctuary. Yesterday was a full and tiring day. With the whole group of fifteen volunteers finally together, the plan for the day was to get from the Cambodia capital of Phnom Penh to Siem Reap in the north. In the morning we visited the Killing Fields, the site of mass murders during the dark days of the Khmer Rouge regime. There is now a genocide centre and museum on the site. It is a chilling and sobering place but an important part of Cambodia’s modern history and current situation.


By lunchtime we were on the bus. A bumpy, tiring seven hour journey can be conveniently skipped over in writing and so we found ourselves in our very comfortable hotel in Siem Reap. We had a delicious dinner (and a delicious drink!) but all nearly fell asleep in our amok curries. A good night’s sleep was very welcome and then this morning we left Siem Reap again and came to our home for this week at the elephant sanctuary. We settled in, had a fabulous lunch and met our new favourite people.. uhh, elephants, Arun Ria and Kamlin.


Tomorrow we get to work proper. We have a great group and I can tell we’re going to have a great week!!



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