Pancakes and puppies!

Hello dearest blog readers!

Apologizes for the late blog post – my internet stick decided to be a bit fidgety yesterday!

Yesterday morning we were invited to join the forest rangers on their sunrise run. We had one early bird trouper in our group, Amy, who drug herself out of bed to get her sweat on. Kuddos Amy! Rice for you!

Once the others got out of bed another buffet style breakfast featuring pancakes was awaiting us. Everyone paired them with a bit of butter and sugar and got hyped up for the day.

First we again split into two groups. One group headed out to cut the sugarcane for our afternoon feeding session and gather fertilizer for the garden. The second group went off the continue construction on our ranger’s toilets.

Lunch rolled around, and yet again, everyone stuffed full. In the afternoon the sugarcane crew went for their second round of building while the morning conscruction crew started seeding planting – Jackfruit, Papaya and Beans!

Before we knew it we had to start preparing Kamlin and Arun Ria’s snack. With basket’s full we headed near the forest and filled their bellies with our sugary treats.

We ended the day playing volleyball, breaking up puppy fights (:O) and teaching English to the rangers who protect the forest. It was great to get to connect with an older group who may have not had the opportunity to learn English at a young age like all the kiddos we have encountered thus far.

9:00pm rolled around and everyone headed to bed. Jungle life can be exhausting!

Toodles for now!


Sunrise run




Preparing ele food!


nom nom nom sugarcannnne


Georgie and Kamlin!


Teaching English

image image

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