Monkeying around at school!

How-Dee! Matt may or may not be lying about me pinning him to the ground… (Definitely lying! I’m always looking out for him – he didn’t mention I stopped him from eating one of the tamarind balls that had dropped into the dirt after he lost what are the odds!)

Hello Friends & Family,

Once again, it is Matt taking over the blog after a little situation this morning. Shan decided she would pin me down to the ground, hang her spit over my face and say “I will drop this loogie on your face if you don’t write Wednesday’s blog.” As to why she didn’t do the same to Alex? I guess we will never know.

This morning, we took a break from the planting and elephants to head up the road to a local school! We were divided up into 6 different classes with ages ranging from 5-12yrs. As there was no set criteria besides “teaching English,” we spent an hour playing engaging yet educational games such as hangman, Simon says and color/spelling games. Though they said that the “western accents” and people who speak English as a first language would be beneficial for the kids, our multicultural group and a Colombian who struggled to spell “school” may or may not have been what they are looking for.

After our hour was up, the six classrooms were let loose for recess where we played volleyball, ring around the rosey and tag. The entire achool experience was definitely a highlight of the trip, even though we didn’t realize how much energy we had used up until we got back to the sanctuary, where we realized we all could go for a nap until lunch time.

In the afternoon it was back to planting time! We headed to the nursery where we dug up the trees, loaded up the truck and headed up into the country to replant them. I’m not going to lie, our planting efficiency from the start of the week to now is astonishing. This team has got some seriously good chemistry from transporting, digging up holes and planting the trees to grow. It’s also not hard on the eyes to look up every once in a while to check out the jungle and fields, it is truly beautiful out here!

Right after planting, we were greeted by Lucy who is the caretaker of the sanctuaries monkeys. She took us back to the giant enclosure where the 12 macaques lived. Though the sanctuary sees volunteers days in and out, Lucy explained to us the importance of minimal human contact with the monkeys to keep them as wild yet protected and healthy as possible. We were only allowed to see them through the outside of the enclosure, but that didn’t mean we didn’t get the hilarious personalities they all carry! We fed the elephants tamarind balls right after the tour, and then washed up for dinner!

Our nights have been spectacular with good company over cards, Pictionary and all the other ridiculous games we can come up with. I’m also not complaining with the buffet meals every day, the food is absolutely spectacular.

I apologize for yet again another “book” as Shannon describes it, if you can all hope for her to not pin me on the ground again, that would be much appreciated.

✌️ out pals,
Matty P

❤️ Shanny Big Wheels

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