Pipe down you ho! (Pipes and Gardening tools)

Hello world! This is Rachel from the states and Chloe from the land down under coming to you live from Cambodia! Today we woke up early (again) after we went to bed early (again). The weather was quite temperate, a lovely day overall. After breakfast; toast, rice, and morning glory, we split into our two groups to head off to do some work. Group one went and finished the dam that group two started yesterday. Group two prepared the garden and then planted the seeds and watered.
While hoeing holes to plant some lemon grass, Ella struck a pipe. Water went EVERYWHERE! She tried to stop it with her hands, it didn’t work. Dan the man (one of the coordinators here) just laughed at her and said he could fix anything, even a broken heart. He fixed it in a matter of minutes with a saw and some fire, it was like it never even happened! Then group two weeded (a lot). We congregated for lunch and had more rice, more morning glory, but no toast. We did get a treat though, fried banana (delicious). After laughs and a thousand more card games, it was group ones turn to bathe Arun Rai. We walked deep into the jungle, to the watering hole. It looks like Jurassic Park in there. Then we joined her in a giant bath. After bath time, there was a photo op, but Arun Rai didn’t wanna take a selfie with Krystal so she shoved her out of the way with her trunk. Thankfully, she walked away with just a sore titty.
Wonder where group two was this whole time? Filling planter bags with dirt and papaya seeds. At three, we all gathered to play real life fruit ninja, machete hacking up watermelon for the elephants. After feeding time, there was more piccy ops, so Kamlin got lots of kisses. Then everyone cleaned up (kinda) with a bucket shower. Then back to the kitchen area for more card games, some braved the wrath of Bec’s ferocious fast hands in slap jack, while others had an easy victory over Ella in speed. Some headed to the shop in the village with the Mahouts to stock up, with Anna being dubbed the favourite group member returning with coke and chocolate for all. At dinner it was a race to the front of the line, another delicious meal of rice, but no morning glory. Just yummy noodles and delicious curry, topped off with some fresh watermelon. An overall fun and eventful day!

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CURRENTLY: we are watching a documentary on the sanctuary while the dogs lie in front of us asking for pats. What’s in store? Probably more card games and a safe good nights sleep in the mozzie nets. Next on village and elephant immersion: we take to the village to teach English at the school, and then teach English to the soldiers.

More stories available tomorrow, stay tuned.
xoxo Rachel and Chloe, over and out!

P.S. Shout out to all the mums out there, especially Libbie’s. Your children are safe and happy!

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