Hello beautiful readers,

Hope you’re all having marvellous days wherever you may be. Amy and Jade here guest blogging from the chilly and mosquito invested dining hall (don’t worry the bushman’s is keeping them away).

We awoke to a wonderful surprise announcement from Chet, saying that we were going to spend the morning at the local school. After a delicious and always vegetarian buffet breakfast at 8 o’clock we headed out on the back of a Ute down the road. On arrival we split up into pairs and were all assigned a classroom to teach in. Teaching the kids was such a different but amazing experience to anything we’ve done so far on this trip, it surely made the butterflies flutter in our stomachs. However this was quickly relieved when we set outside to play duck duck goose, hokey pokey and many other loved childhood games with them. It was so inspiring to witness such smiling and joyful faces in such different circumstances to what we’re used to.

After a very sad goodbye with all the school children, we headed to the sanctuary for some chill time and lunch before getting back into work again. After a scrumptious meal we split into two groups to head out and begin work again.

Our group had the exciting job of cutting down banana trees for the elephant’s food. For those of you who have never seen banana trees before, they are about the width of a soccer ball and are not the easiest things to cut through in over 30 degrees heat. However we went hard-core ninja on them and hacked away with our machetes. The second group had the job of laying bricks, accompanied by a Michael Jackson dance party, building another toilet for the working military men in the area.

At about 3 o’clock we came back to the sanctuary for our favourite time of the day FEEDING THE ELEPHANTS!!!!!! We fed them loads of fruit, banana trees and gave them lots of kisses. We had a few free hours before our dinner and doco time, where everyone chose to do their own thing from lying in hammocks, to playing cards and even some volleyball.

Time to hit the sack for a good sleep, before our early morning run with the rangers and another full day of work tomorrow.

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Mikayla, Therese, Clare teach the little ones!


Talia, Elysse, Laura


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