Planting and Cutting Sugarcane

By this stage everyone has gotten pretty good at arriving to breakfast on time, but this morning Paulina arrived 3 minutes late which earned her a nice spoonful of vegimite. 

It was quite an event watching her eat it and the group couldn’t help but laugh as she pulled face after face hahaha

Soon work time rolled around and we set off in the truck to go cut some sugar cain from a field that would later be cut up small to feed the elephants with. Once we got back and unloaded the truck we went to a little part of the property and started weeding and clearing an area to plant trees in later on. After a few hours work the area look completely different and we hard cleared a substantial area. 

By this time lunch was getting served so we tucked in. 

We had a few hours well deserved rest and then got straight back into work although this time half kept weeding while the rest of us started planting trees in the already cleared area. 

We again smashed our goal and planted over 100 trees in a tiny area and only in 1 hour. 

Once the trees were planted it was time to cut the elephants food up and go and feed them. 

Feeding the elephants was followed by a game of volley ball and then me and Dan played football with the Rangers it was so much fun!

After dinner everyone just crashed after a massive day and had a fairly early bed time. 


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