Planting and learning!

There was a massive downpour last night, so our original plan to shovel fertiliser was scrapped. We took advantage of the loosened soil to get planting. This place is very self sufficient so much of what both the elephants and volunteers eat is self grown!

We visited the nursery to pick up the trees we were going to rehouse. They had been planted months before by previous volunteers and they had reached the point where they needed to be planted out into the fields.


After we loaded the plants into the hand cart and moved out into the fields, digging the holes, removing the trees from their pot plants and then putting them in their new holes so in a few months they’ll bear fruits for both the volunteers and Elephants.

DSC_0438 DSC_0448

We did the same thing in the afternoon before we got the pleasure of feeding the elephants again.


In the evening we were very fortunate to be able to meet Lek. She’s the founder of five refuges in Thailand, one in Burma, one in Sri Lanka and our own one here in Cambodia. She told her very humbling story and the modest way she presents herself and everything she has managed to achieve is unbelievably inspiring. She reinforced the idea that everything we do, helps us understand how much of a difference very single one of us makes with the work we do.

After watching a few educational videos on elephants and the sanctuary we’re sitting down using our free time to watch a movie before we get stuck into the work tomorrow!

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