Planting, Blessing Trees and Celebrating Shannon Birthday!!

We had delightful breakfast, the group loved it. Pancakes!

After breakfast, half of us went to collect 70 jack fruit seedlings and 30 big trees, while the other half of the group dig holes on a piece of land which the trees were to be planted on.



It was a lot of fun digging holes an interesting experience as most of the members had planted trees in the life. The members shared a common bond through their love of the environment and in the spirit of volunteering and making a difference not only in their own lives but in the lives of the less fortunate. After which, the members swapped roles and spent the entire morning digging and planting a total of 200 trees as food for future monkeys and elephants.





Lunch was served.

After lunch, the group had a long hike through the jungle, getting cuts from long sharp leaves blades and bites from insects. Nonetheless, the group persevered on as they knew that they were going to tie bless orange scarfs around trees, preventing people from cutting them down.



After a tremendously tiring hike, the group went to the water hole to once again bathe the elephant! This time, the group knew what to expect and had more opportunities to feed the elephant once it was in the water. We had loads of fun bathing the elephant and were even splashing water on one another while bathing the elephant.

After a nice bath, the elephant went to apply “sunscreen” on itself by throwing mud on itself



All of us had a great time and took a nice walk back to the sanctuary where we fed the elephants and monkeys.

At dinner, we celebrated Shannon’s birthday with a birthday song and a special handmade cake, a sponge cake with candles surrounded by watermelon and jackfruit. Shannon looked lovely with the flower in her hair and posing with her birthday cake



Everyone had a brilliant day!



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