Today is always my favourite day of the week, it’s the day that will make one of the biggest differences in the long run. It is where we head out into the local community and teach English at the school there. It is one of the few exposures to english that these children get and even though the volunteers only give a few hours a week it is enough combined that these students are able to go onto university and continue to study english after the basics that we have helped teach them.

DSC_0423 DSC_0449

It is also unbelievably rewarding for the volunteers! It is where they well and truly get to interact with the Cambodian children that are just happy and excited about everything that it is hard not to get caught up in it. They make it a real pleasure to be around and to come back to this school every single week!

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After lunch we got down to seeding, planting seeds into small pots so that in a few months time volunteers will be able to plant them in and around the forest like we did yesterday. We had some free time before we fed the Elephants in the afternoon.


Now in the evening after dinner, I realise how truly amazing these volunteers are, the ones that come here week after week. I’m sitting here writing this blog as I watch them sit down with the local rangers, the people that protect the forest from illegal poachers and loggers and teach them english. It is just like this morning, they dive straight into the work with enthusiasm and although a lot of them haven’t had experience in this sort of work before it doesn’t slow them down. They’re bonding with the Cambodians as they teach them what they know and are sharing laughs with them despite the language barrier, it is something that never fails to touch me about how amazing the volunteers are. Whether you’re following a friend or a loved one, wanting to get an idea on the projects or just here out of general interest, these are the people you should be really proud of! It’s what they’ve given to be here and the difference they’re making, it is really amazing stuff!


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