Rollin’ weeds and pullin’ hoes

Today’s post is by incredible volunteers…

Today got dirty. Coming up on the nursery, which was vastly overgrown with weeds, we grabbed our hoes and started rolling up the entanglement of weeds. The hoes were useful for uprooting the weeds which were deeply rooted in the soil. Everyone got their hands dirty digging deep into the dirt to clean out areas for new trees to be planted. After lunch we hit up the goose ponds. Draining the rancid poop filled ponds so that we could scrub it clean, we were able to make it a more sanitary and liveable place for the geese preserved in the sanctuary. It was a dirty wet job, but we finished it not only quick enough to move onto a new task, but also with attitudes that made an unpleasant job bearable and even funny at times.


Moving onto planting trees, we sat around piles of dirt planting a few seeds into each little bag enjoying a little shade and camaraderie. The fruits and trees that we’re planting now will help the self-sustainability in the sanctuary for years to come by providing food and a natural environment for the elephants residing here.


Always a very exciting part of our day is cutting up the fruit and feeding the elephants. Machete in hand, we sliced up watermelon, sugar cane, and pumpkin and headed out to feed the elephants. Personally feeding Arun Rai watermelon for only the second day, she’s already becoming used to the process of volunteers and other people feeding her food. It’s incredible getting to witness these elephants grow.


To end the day, a rain storm passed through gracing us with a little cooler weather and water for our newly planted seeds to begin going. With another successful, exciting and fun day at the elephant sanctuary behind us we anticipate and look forward to our day at the school tomorrow. 🙂