Sabay Sabay!

Happy happy! In Khmer, sabay means happy and golly gee are we happy!! It was an amazing day at the elephant sanctuary. We began he day with teaching english at a nearby school. There are over 300 students there and english lessons are so good for them. We split up into groups of three and dispersed ourselves into the classrooms. We taught the little ones the alphabet and the head and shoulders song. The older ones we taught family members and conversation topics. Afterwards, we all came out into the grounds and played games with all of them. We had the best time with the kids because they are so adorable and friendly with us. DSC06508DSC06511DSC06512DSC06514DSC06523

The afternoon work was great indeed because we continued with seeding while the other group went and cut banana trees. The banana trees are for the elephants. My lanta they eat so much food! In fact, they eat alllll day long. We gave them such a good snack today too. We gave them all the fruits and goodies in the world. We cut up banana trees, papaya and watermelon. Those lucky elephants 🙂 I also happened to have a wedding this afternoon and married one of the volunteer coordinators. It was a lovely ceremony. Tova did my hair with some natural flowers and sticks and he wore a really expensive suit. It’s a new style. It was a really fun day!DSC06527DSC06531

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