Sad good bye from the elephant sanctuary

It was really awesome with the elephants sanctuary for one week there. We leave with the sadness mood. We hope to come back some day again. This morning we went to do the blessing the trees in the jungle, we did this, how we did it? We got the yellow fabric which are blessed by the monks from 6he temple, then we blessed the tree by tipe the tree, we did this because we believed that if they cut the tree s that we already blessed they will have bad luck for the rest of thier life.

Then we walk into the jungle about 30minutes to see the fins the traps but we did not one, but we saw a lot if sketch land with was sketched by Wild pigs. It was so cool. Then we back to the sanctuary then we packed our bags then wait for lunch, after lunch we lelt the sanctuary about 12pm. Then we arrived the hotel in Siem reap about 2pm then they had shower then some of our vols went to shoping bought some sovenairs for their friends and family. Then we went to have have dinner then we went to see Cambodian circus. It was really cool the show about influence. Then we going out for team leader birthday.

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Rameth KUN

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