School day!


Hey 🙂 I’m Alex, I’m a volunteer from England. Today all of us volunteers woke up and had another delicious breakfast prepared for us at the sanctuary. Then we were so lucky to have the opportunity to teach English at a local school. We went in pairs to different classes to teach ABC’s, spelling, songs, nursery rhymes and numeracy. The children were very playful but the language barrier meant it wasn’t very easy to control them all without a teacher there!! But we had so much fun and the children loved having us there for the morning. After the morning class we went outside to play. The boys played football with a few volunteers, and the girls wanted to braid our hair, take photos with us, and cuddle us all. They gave us all flowers and it was so lovely to see their happy, smiley faces! We went back to the sanctuary for lunch and played more card games – during this program we’ve taught each other different card games that we know from home.

After lunch we put on wellie boots and got into the goose pond to clear the dirty water – safe to say it wasn’t our favourite activity of the trip..! In the afternoon we relaxed in our hammocks for a while before going to feed the elephants watermelons and sugarcane. They seem to be more comfortable with us now and Arun Reah let me kiss her.

In the evening the Rangers came to the sanctuary so that we could teach them some English! Tomorrow we will be walking through the jungle with the Mahoots and the Elephants and we’re all very excited…

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Ready for gees pond

Ready for gees pond