School House Rock!

Good evening Readers,

I trust you have had a pleasant day. I come to you from the dining hall, in the Elephant Sanctuary. I have volunteered to tell you the days tales.

We started the morning with our beautiful vegetarian feast full of delectable flavors. We were unaware of what the day would hold and were anxiously awaiting John’s morning speech. John didn’t disappoint, he announced that we would be spending the morning at a local school. We would be working in pairs to prepare and give an English lesson for the students.

As a pre-service teacher, I knew I would be a hot commodity and that many of my fellow volunteers would be eager to pair up with me ;). I was fortunate to be paired up with Jane, and we were assigned the eldest class in the school. After some brainstorming we were confident that we had an engaging lesson plan that would assist in the students learning.

Our group (plus one of the Sanctuary’s dogs, also named Jane) arrived at the school and were quickly ushered into our classes. Jane and I were greeted by 30 smiling children, who were excited to meet us. We started the lesson with an introduction game where the students would introduce themselves and tell the class something they liked. It was interesting to hear the different student responses, and we discovered that the majority of the class loved hamburgers.

After the introduction game we began to focus on Maths. We learnt how to tell the time in English and brushed up on multiplication and division. Jane and I were impressed with the student’s skills and knowledge.

We then continued the lesson with the students discussing their families and pets. There were a few students who struggled with this part of the lesson, and we worked alongside them to master this new concept.

David and Anna got the other older class while the rest of us took on the challenge of teaching the younger of the bunch!

We finished our time at the school playing multiple games outside. It was nice to run, laugh and have fun in the sun. Duck Duck Goose is always a favorite for the kids!

The group returned to the Sanctuary for lunch and some RR (rest and relaxation) before we spilt back into our two mini groups. One group was fortunate enough to take a walk through the jungle to the watering hole where we would bathe the elephant Arun Ria.

Having the opportunity to wash Arun Ria was amazing. We spent as much time splashing Arun Ria as we did splashing each other. It was an entertaining afternoon full of laughter and smiles.

While my group was playing in the water, the other group was working hard to keep the Sanctuary in working order. The Sanctuary has a self- sustainable mission to grow enough food to feed all staff/animals/volunteers. It was the groups job to collect fertilizer from the nearby village. It sounds like a smelly and unpleasant job but the group was entertained by adorable puppies and each other’s company.

Overall it was a very good day enjoyed by all. We hope the rest of the week continues to be this fun.

Thank you readers. I hope you sleep well and look forward to your comments.



P.S I would just like to use this opportunity to mourn the death of my flip-flops. They were brutally attacked by the 7 devious puppies this afternoon while I was distracted. I hope they R.I.P and they will be sorely missed.


Claire and Georgia making friends with the youngest students in the school.


Leona and Evie enjoying cuddles.


Jordan with some of her students.


Leaving the school on the back of a ute.


Enjoying bathing Arun Ria.


Who needs showers when you can have a water fight?


The Bucket Patrol.


Machete time!


Leona and Selana share a bond.


Group shot


Duck, duck, goose


The lesson begins


The beautiful Selena, Holly and Katie make teaching look fun.


Lauren spends her time posing, while Clayton and Jordan work hard teaching.

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