School time!

This morning we had a break from sanctuary work to teach english at the local community school. We arrived and split into groups of three taking classes ranging in ages from 3 through to 16 year olds. I took the older class with ages ranging from approximately 13-16 who seamed quite advanced in their Khmer education. With posters and work on chemistry and trigonometry, we still had to go back to basics as their english was still quite poor. We took them through shapes and parts of the body and by the end of the class the kids had warmed up to us and were keenly participating.

After an hour of class work everyone was keen to go outside and play. Almost every class had a round of the classic duck, duck, goose until the older kids played volleyball and introduced us to a new game of tips. While the older kids played, the younger kids and some of our volunteers had a sing along to Nick’s guitar!


By the end of the morning it was very sad to say goodbye. Having only been there for 2 hours we could barely keep the kids off us. Just like in BFOK, the kids were so infectiously happy and it was an amazing experience and a privilege to have met them and helped them in their schooling.

Group photo

Group photo

After another delicious lunch we split up into our two groups to get to work with one group going out to gather some banana trees for the elephants lunches and the other planting papaya seeds to ensure the elephants will have enough food in the future. By the time we finished it was time to feed the elephants again!


If we weren’t already in love with the elephants enough, we finished off the night watching another documentary on Lek and her fight to protect elephants all over Asia. Being volunteers in one of her projects, we are all so inspired to continue our work so that we can help bring her dream to realisation a little bit sooner.

For now, we are off to bed so we can prepare for another big day tomorrow.

Good night,


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