School visit

We had the opportunity to teach English this morning at the local school. There were 6 classes for us to spread out and teach. We broke up into groups of 2 and quickly planned a lesson. Most of us went over numbers, the alphabet and body parts with the younger students, while the older ones copied down common phrases that we wrote on the board. It was tough at first to know what to do, as the language barrier can be quite daunting. But the volunteers did an amazing job for never having taught English in a forgiven country before! I was so impressed. After the lesson, it was play time. The children grabbed us each by the hand and brought us outside to play various games involving running around a massive circle, to clapping games, and even a round or two of volleyball. A few of the volunteers received a new hair-do from a couple of aspiring hair dressers!

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Later in the afternoon, we started on transplanting trees around the sanctuary. We took trees from the greenhouse that had been planted last season and are now tall enough. There is an array of different plants and trees from tamarind and papaya, to mango and banana! The sanctuary grows a lot of its on food, and has been working hard to aid in reforestation. ROV is a key factor in helping make a difference in the rehabilitation of the jungle.

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And of course at 3PM, everyday, we feed the elephants! Chopping fruit and bringing it to the field to hand feed them or just to sit and watch them eat.

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Tomorrow is our last day at the sanctuary!! Definitely not looking forward to leaving this beautiful place 🙁

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