The volunteers went to the local school this morning to teach English. The volunteers don’t get a lot of preparation for this sort of thing and is some ways it’s a lot better because they can’t psych themselves out!

Once we arrived and there were several hundred Cambodian Children waving at us on our arrival, the enthusiasm picked up amongst the volunteers. It wasn’t long before they split up into group of three and four to go and teach in six separate classrooms.

There we furthered all the students English, all whom were at different levels. It didn’t take them long before they were right into it.

This is one of my favourite days, it is one of those things that may not seem like much at the time but it is so essential! These are the steps that will affect this community for the better in the long term as we strive to make this community completely self sufficient. And Education is such an important step towards this goal!


Plus getting to play with the Cambodian children is always awesome.


In the afternoon we went to work restoring the forest. We do this by planting the trees that have grown to a heathy size in the nursery. We are trying to make the whole 25000 acres of the sanctuary a habitat for the two elephants here and all the others that will eventually call this place home.


Cody sitting and looking like a Mahoot (One of the carers of the Elephants).


In the evening, I am currently sitting across from the volunteers as they teach the Sanctuary rangers english. It has been forty minutes and there have been no awkward silences and the volunteers bounce off each other to help improve the English of the rangers. It is a truly inspiring sight to behold.

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