Scrubba dub dub

Hello again from the ele sanctuary!

Last night the volunteers got their first taste of freezing jungle nights! It was a well welcomed temperature after so many hot, hot days in Siem Reap. After a buffet style veggie breakfast we split into two groups for the days work.

In the morning one group headed into the jungle to begin making a firebreak. We raked and raked all morning to bring together brush. This firebreak will surround the sanctuary in order to prevent any fires during the dry season. The second group spent the morning building a toilet for the rangers who protect the forest from poachers. There are currently about 250 rangers and no bathroom facilities are their camp.

After a morning full of work, we headed in for another buffet style lunch and rest period. In the afternoon we split back up again. While one group headed to a banana tree farm to cut down bananas (which we will later feed to the ellies!) the second group got to…. drum rolllll…. BATH THE ELLIES!! We trekked through the jungle to a little pond. With mini buckets and scrubbers in hand each volunteers got into the water and splashed, scrubbed and cleaned the elephant, Arun Ria. It was such a majestic experience being so close to these massive creatures!

We headed back in the early afternoon and got the chance to feed Kamlin a short bit later. Bananas, banana tree stalks, papaya and watermelon were on today’s menu 😀 Later that evening we set down for dinner and a mean game of volleyball. We ended the night learning a bit more about the sanctuary and watched a documentary of Reach Out Volunteer’s past work here. It was really neat to see how everything is coming along!

Until tomorrow!

John and Kate (plus 19)


Firebreak crew!




Amruta, Vivian, Stefanie, Tom building the toilet.


Ed gettin’ his feels in.


Amruta and Kamlin!


Powergirl of the day.


Mandy, Maddie, Ed