See You Soon’s

We woke up bright and early this morning to catch the sunrise and fit in a yoga flow for our last morning here at the sanctuary.

We’ve been so lucky to have this amazing experience and I’m not sure that any of us are quite ready to leave.

We had breakfast and then piled into our tractors for one last jungle ride. This morning we were to bless trees with monk blessed cloth to help prevent the devastating logging industry’s breaching the nature parks border. 

After saying some tearful goodbyes to the absolutely wonderful staff at the sanctuary, we piled into our van, making our journey back to Siem Reap. It’s all dawning on us know just how quickly time flies and how soon everyone will be scattered over the earth once again, but we know it’s not goodbye but rather see you again and hopefully soon.

This evening we treated our amazing, rockstar volunteers to a Khmer cocktail making class- one more little taste of Khmers culture before departure day. It’s also on of our Volunteer’s Taylor’s birthday no tomorrow, so while we have everyone in one place we thought we better have a few celebratory drinks.

In such a short time we have all become such a close family.
I know the children, culture and especially the elephants will always have a spot in our hearts and we are lucky to know that it is never a good bye, but a ‘see you soon’.

The difference made when you come back to Cambodia will be huge! The aid delivered to these projects doesn’t stop here though! The Reach Out Volunteers Charity funds the ROV Community School in Siem Reap year round, allowing the children to receive a free education, materials and supplying an income for all of the teachers.

The ROV Charity relies solely on donations and a small gesture can go a long way. A donation of $50 can support the construction of a smoke ventilated kitchen, providing a family with the infrastructure to reduce the risks of lung cancer, pneumonia and asthma.
$100 can provide over 100 children food from our soup kitchens for one month in South Africa.
$1000 can help run the ROV Community school for one month, allowing children to receive an education and the opportunity to get out of poverty.
Rest assured 100% of donations go directly into on-ground projects overseen by the ROV Charitf you would like to continue to support the ROV Charity any and every donation helps. $200 would help run the ROV community school for 1 month ensuring that the children continue to receive a free education. Rest assured 100% of donations go directly into on-ground projects overseen by the ROV Charity.

If you would like to continue to support the ROV Charity to ensure that the children can continue to receive a free education click the following link! Any and all donations go to a great cause!

I hope you have had as much fun reading the blog as I have had writing it. Thank you again for supporting the ROV Charity.


Until next time,