Shenanigans with seeds and water…

Hey everyone this is Amelia, Kelsey, Yemaya, and Allison!!

Today was another phenomenal day at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. And lucky us, Stew is letting us write today’s post!

Photo on 16-06-2015 at 7.59 pm

Today we had two groups hard at work weeding the nurseries, planting seeds in the organic garden, and building the dam to prepare for rainy season.


Volunteer Tim


Volunteers Ashley and Keturah

By now all of the volunteers have helped feed both elephants and bathe one of them, Arun Ria. And along the way of bathing Arun Ria there was inevitable water fight in both groups.



Tonight we watched two more short documentaries about the Save Elephant Foundation and the lives of the elephants at this sanctuary, Kumlin and Arun Ria.

Us volunteers are really loving the atmosphere of this program. From sleeping in bungalows to the traditional Thai food, everyone really seems to be enjoying themselves and learning a lot.

Thanks to everyone back home for following our trip, much love to you all from Cambodia!

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