So it begins!

The Elephant sanctuary, a place that is such a beautiful paradise for the gentle giants and the volunteers. We settled into our bungalow accommodation, very rustic but quaint places for us to rest in-between our work. We come to this place to insure there’s a future for the Elephants while at the same time rehabilitating the elephants that are already here!

After a quick orientation of the sanctuary and what we do here we got straight into it. We cleaned out the geese pen, very smelly and dirty work but satisfying all the same. This sanctuary is a refuge for more than just Elephants! There are rescued geese, dogs, monkeys and gibbons.

In the afternoon we cut the fruit for the Elephants afternoon feeding time and then at last we got to meet the two Elephants here. There is Arun Rai and Kumlin, two elephants that have been rescued from some horrible conditions. They have been here long enough that they are comfortable around humans again but it has been a long road.

Now the volunteers are in front of me, watching an educational video on the Elephants and how the sanctuary came to be. They are learning about the process in which the Elephants are ‘domesticated’, it is incredibly brutal and cruel. There are no dry eyes at the end of the video as everyone is extremely moved by what they go through. It is a harsh lesson but necessary so the volunteers understand why the elephants need such a place as the sanctuary. The added side effect is that is has motivated them to get to work on these projects with such an enthusiasm because they know the harder they work, the more the Elephants will benefit.

DSC_0269The volunteers preparing the food!

DSC_0272The first time they see the Elephants.


DSC_0276Bailey getting close with Kumlin!


Elliot trying to deal with the rain!


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