start monkeying around!

What a wake up call! All the elephants squeaking, the Gibbons howling and most puppies barking. Not including all the geckos! Everyone was awake and ready to start the day, so we all enjoyed breakfast together before being sorted into groups. Once the groups were sorted out, that was when the work started. Half the group headed out to clean up the elephant shelter, and dig some holes for the new bull elephant enclosure we want to rescue. It is dirty work, and they worked so hard to dig holes that are deeper than them.

Leah, Sydney, Alyssa, Emily, Rebecca, Sam, Maggie and Sophia after digging the giant holes

The other group headed out and took the elephants on a jungle walk through to the field they spend the day in, eating and bathing. It was awesome to actually see these giant creatures in the wild.

Jess, Megan, Shannon, Kasia, Tanith, Taylor, Amy, Emily and Lily, waiting for the elephants to follow behind

Once the walk and the holes were finished, the groups split up and one group had a tour of the monkeys, while the other group headed back in with the puppies, to hang with them and socialise. Bear is a very shy puppy, and everyone is always so happy when he comes up and cuddles you because he never comes up to anyone.

We all headed in for lunch, and an hour break while the day is the hottest. After lunch we got back into work. The groups split up again, and one group headed out into the corn fields and started planting corn. It was hot out under the sun. but it was so meditating just putting a couple of seeds in each hole and burying them really shallow. The seeds were even PINK!

Finished planting all the corn

The other group headed into the jungle, the semi wild enclosure we are hoping to release the monkeys into. While they were out there they built some monkey toys for them to swing on while they are out swinging through the trees.

Amy, Luke, Kasia and Amelia building their monkey ladder

Then the corn planting group headed out to clean the duck and geese pond, while the other group went out and prepared the sugar cane to feed the elephants. After feeding, they all decided to stick around and play a round of volleyball, while the elephants watched over.

Alyssa, Sydney, Emily, Rebecca, Maggie, Leah, Sophia, Parker, Cyndie and Boyu hanging with the geese.

It was a big day of work, so everyone had worked up an appetite. But just before we dinner we had a blessing ceremony, where we were welcomed onto the land by a shaman, who blessed us with rose water and beautiful handmade bracelets.

Everyone getting blessed

Then it was time to eat, and it was great to just relax and chatter among ourselves, before Aek played the documentary we watched tonight. It was an eye opening documentary on how the first two elephants had been rescued and brought to the sanctuary. Then we all just played some games, and headed to bed, ready for a big day again tomorrow.