Stye explosion

Day 12:

Beds slightly lumpy, pillows slightly low but motivation very high. And surprise, surprise breakfast happened again, with yummy fruit! We jumped on the back of a truck where another hat was lost to the wind out of the back of the ute (AKA truck bed) Katelyn cried and cried but Shari felt better not being the only one.

we arrived at another site building day, luckily we had the local school kids once again helping us form a dirt transporting line to fasten our pace. We sang and played music and mixed cement, then started laying the bricks.

For our lunch break, the team got around another successful CRAFTERNOON. At lunch no one waned the grapefruit, so Elaura ate all of it. After lunch, the team pushed through and were very happy with their last ever day of construction work for the volunteer program. Elaura treated the group with a trip to the shops for some snacks. The group noticed a very large image that some thought might be a picture of the king and Queen of Cambodia (if they have one?). But turned out to just be an oversized image of the shop owners wedding photos. Amanda spoke in Khmer and told the shop owner that she was beautiful. She received no reply.

That afternoon we enjoyed our very last time preparing food for and feeding the elephants. When we fed them, everyone proceeded to have many photos taken as it was our last chance. Afterwards there was an epic volleyball game, girls vs Dan. Girls won (the spirit award). The afternoon turned into some very violent (fun) and threatening (friendly) games of cards. After dinner the group enjoyed some camp fire stories and the bursting of Kayla’s stye. image

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