Sun tan, more like “fun” tan

Hello Lovely people,

I would prepare yourselves for all the corny elephant jokes I’m about to insert throughout this blog, but before we start on our daily run down, I just want to say how amazing it is to be part of an organization that gives back to so many communities! Now, the day began on a bus ride to the elephant sanctuary, where we learned a lot about how they go about rescuing all the animals. We then began settling in into our bungalows, where we will live in for the next couple of days.

The groups began to cut down banana trees for the elephants, and help clean out the geese pond! These volunteers are learning awesome skills, as they are having tons of fun!

The groups then walked the elephants into the jungle, and fed these queens banana trees!

Once the ladies were fed, everyone got together to play soccer against the locals, and yet again they beat us! We still have hope we will win one day, but a boy can dream, right?!

As for me, I’ve realized I’ve got a gnarly farmers tan! So that means I’ll start applying sunscreen more heheh..


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