mad as monkeys

G’Day guys, so sorry about the delay posting the blog here. We ran into some technical difficulties, but all is well and we have been having an amazing few days here living life like the Jungle Book! Last time I wrote on here it was our very first day arriving at the Sanctuary and soooooooo much has happened since then!

Monday just flew by, we started our day with a beautiful one and a half hour walk through the Jungle accompanying the elephants as they sniffed around and enjoyed rumbling through the trees following us to their favourite hangout. It was so great getting to explore the jungle, and everything that is protected by the sanctuary, even seeing the many blessed trees throughout the area. There was a giant open area filled with yummy grass for them to eat and lots and LOTS of sugarcane. We all sat under a shelter and enjoyed watching them closely while they fanned us with their ears as they wiggled them while they ate.

The elephants enjoying their jungle time.

We then left the elephants there to enjoy their day snacking on the different plants around, while we got introduced to all the baby monkeys before lunch. What cuties!!!! All eight of them have been rescued from either being used as pets, as beggers in markets or abused by previous owners. It’s incredible to see how well they have formed a family and when they get older will join the other monkeys out in the semi wild enclosure in the sanctuary. We could have watched them play around for hours, but it was lunch time and we all had worked up a big appetite!

After a delicious lunch we all got to work and started building a monkey shelter. This monkey shelter will provide shade for the monkeys over a little pond where they can bathe and swing around. We first started by digging deep holes where the first six wooden logs were placed in each corner to create the structure. While the next planks were nailed on to help create the roof, we all stripped the bark from thin tree trunks to then finish the roof. It was then time to add the locally made grass roofing. We all stood on the structure and wrapped wire around each grass sheet to connect it all and make it as stable as possible. We worked so hard, but wow, it was definitely worth it!

Before our hut went up.

Nikki, Juli, Lupita and Jamie stripping the bark for the roof.

Makenna, Lupita, Tommy, Jamie, Jade, Morgan, Courtney and Nikki all finishing the roof for the hut.

The whole gang in front of our hut, and all our hard work.

Such a hard day’s work came to an end, and we all experienced a magical welcoming ceremony with the local shaman, who blessed us and thanked us all for being here.

Jamie being blessed in our welcoming ceremony.

After an amazingly big day we all enjoyed a great delicious dinner together, we then watched a documentary on how the elephants that are here were rescued, and what they have lived through. Everyone enjoyed their very first bucket shower and before bed I introduced everyone to the game Mafia. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up playing three rounds before we turned in.

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