Teaching and growing.

I’m sitting right now in the common food hall, as the sounds of enthusiastic voices fill the air along with broken english as the the volunteers give lessons in English to the local rangers (They protect the forest from the illegal loggers) and their children. It is moments like these that I realise how truly lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing individuals.

It was just like this morning, the volunteers were given little preparation time before they were thrown in front of classes of 30+ children ranging from the very young at four or five years old, all the way up to fifteen and sixteen years old.

They all rose to the occasion, some awkward early moments that were quickly overcome. It wasn’t long before I was walking along to each class telling them that their time teaching was up and it was time to head outside and play with the children. Only to come back 5-10 minutes later, to see the volunteers still teaching because they were having such an amazing time!

The afternoon was probably the toughest time we had this week, the heat was unbearable. We were rejuvenating the forest by planting small trees that had been grown in the nursery at an appropriate place to try and bring the place back to its former glory and to provide a more sustainable home to the Elephants. We struggled along, with many people having to sit down as the heat became too much but as a team we managed to pull through. The trees were planted and we made our way back to a well deserved rest before dinner.

As I finish this post, the volunteers are still teaching. Who ever you’re following on this blog, you should be incredibly proud of what they are achieving here and with the enthusiasm in which they’re doing it.


The Volunteer food hall, temporarily turned into our classroom.


Jess leading the teaching in her Cambodian class.


I’m not sure what they were playing but they were all having fun!

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