Teaching Children and Tarot readings.

Today we all got up and ready to start a jam packed day of teaching at the rural school close by. We all shared breakfast together, then jumped in the car, van and ute and were ready. Once we arrived all the children came running out to greet us and we started getting all our educational games and things ready before splitting up into groups and headed into each classroom. It was so fun explaining all the different words in English, and different pronunciation. Some classes only knew the alphabet, so we worked on them and different words. It was great to see the children improving and wanting to learn straight away.

Kristen, Tayla, Amy and Leah teaching numbers and words

Once we finished with the teaching we all ran outside and started to play! The children were so cute and we learnt so many new games while also teaching them some new ones too. They even covered our hair in flowers!!

Group photo woth the whole school!!

Leah, Cyndie, Sydney, Lily, Kaisa, Amy, Maggie, Shannon and Tanith all being flower princesses

We all headed back just in time to take all the puppies for a walk, all of them were so excited to get out into the jungle, even Sunnar who is so fast in his wheelchair! Then it was time for lunch!

After our walk with the puppies

After lunch we split back up into our two different groups. One group headed out to the nursery and planted some jackfruit seeds, and trees to revegetate the jungle. After they had finished planting the seeds they headed out to organise the sugarcane and feed the elephants.

The other group headed out to hang with the elephants, and it was such a nice time. We all sat up in the shelter watching the elephants wander around, chewing all the grass, while we had some amazing chats about life and shared stories.

Dinner came around, and once again, it was delicious and then we played a documentary. The documentary was really hard to watch as it highlighted all the horrible acts of the tourism and logging industry. Once it had finished, a few tears were shed, but we all headed outside near the elephants and sat around a circle discussing the industry and why we are here! We then decided to do a tarot card reading for everyone, and it ended up being such an amazing night afterwards. And now everyone is so much more inspired to keep doing such an amazing job!