Teaching the locals!

What a day! It was an early rise where we left the sanctuary to go and teach at the local school. The volunteers split up into groups of two and three to go and teach the six classes of Cambodian students. They were a little apprehensive at first but they quickly dove into it getting past the awkward stage. They continued the lessons the volunteers had left off last week, improving the Cambodian’s English fundamentals.

It may not seem like much but it is these actions that help make the long lasting difference that we want to make here. The few hours a week done by the volunteers here help the students learn enough that they are able to attend university and improve on their English there so that in the non too distant future our presence will no longer be required here!

It is days like today that make me realise how truly lucky I am to be surrounded by these volunteers. The way they all jumped into something that most had no experience in, to make a difference in the future of these Cambodians, how they open up opportunities that they didn’t have before! They did it with such passion and enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but be inspired by their actions and if you’re following a friend or a loved on this blog then you should be unbelievably proud of their accomplishments this morning. It was a truly awesome sight to behold.

Then afterwards they were dragged out into the school yard by the children and played with them for almost an hour. By the time we had to leave the volunteers went both reluctantly as they had managed to get really attached to the children in a short time and a little relieved, the children are exhausting in their play time!

This afternoon we planted a large number of trees as we slowly restore this forest to its former majesty and the rain eased up enough we were able to have a game a volley ball.

Then in the evening we continued the english lessons with the local rangers and sanctuary staff that makes their jobs easier while opening up opportunities for both themselves and the sanctuary.

I wish I could post some photos from today but the wifi is still down so even posting this much is a mission. However on friday (our time) I’ll have a huge number of photos to post up so stay posted!

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