This morning straight after breakfast we were in the truck and heading down to the local school to teach English. As soon as we arrived the kids were in the classes sitting down waiting for us and when we walked into the class the were all bursting with excitement. We taught them counting and then head shoulders knees and toes along with the hokey pokey. It was so much fun and once class was over we went out side playing games, all the girls put flowers in our hair and the boys dragged us off to play soccer. We played with them for hours it was so much fun.
When we arrived back at the sanctuary it was time for lunch. We played some games afterwards getting a bit of our excess energy out before we walked down to wash the elephants again.
It was beautiful walking through the jungle with a giant the elephant plodding along behind us. As she go closer to the water she go more excited.
Once she was in we started throwing buckets of water all over her. This quickly became a water fight again. We were laughing and throwing water everywhere!
Finally the we hopped out and walked home.
Once we were back again it was time to cut up food and feed the elephants.
It’s so beautiful how they just lumber up and then you can feed them with your hand I don’t think this could ever get old!
Around 5pm the Rangers starter a game of soccer so I joined in as did Dan while some of the group watched it was so much fun. The pitch was one of the more interesting I’v played on, with a tree and volley ball court in the middle, and water melons growing all over the pitch.
Dinner was delicious as per usual and after wards we played heads up. We spent a good few hours playing it just dying of laughter.

I had so much fun today!


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