temple hopping and thailand adventures

What a big day for Tommy, Nikki and Mia. And a relaxing day for everyone else. We all started the day with breakfast, then Tommy, Nikki and Mia headed to Kulen Mountain with Sam. They saw the big leaning Buddha, Tommy got nibbled by fish while he was swimming and Nikki had a bit of waterslide fun into the natural pool. They loved soaking up all of the beautiful nature around.

Once they had their fun at Kulen Mountain they headed out to the temples. Exploring through the two different temples, and finishing at Angkor Wat. Monkeys were roaming all around the temples, they all received a monk blessing and did a lot of walking. All in all it was a fantastic and busy day.

It was a hard day for all of us back in Siem Reap, saying our goodbyes, as half of our group start their journey home. Sarah, from the village group left after an amazing 5 week adventure with us, and Morgan who was with us. After that, Courtney and Makenna left not long after. It was so sad to say goodbye to such an amazing group, and I hope we all get to see each other again.

After the goodbyes the rest of the group just had a relaxing day, having lunch and getting a massage, or a facial, or their nails done, shopping at the markets and just soaking up our day off before a busy travel day tomorrow.

This morning we all woke up and were ready for our six hour bus ride to THAILAND! We said goodbye to Jamie, as she was flying home to Sydney, as we all packed up the bus and headed out. We stopped at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary on the way through for a big lunch and quick hello to all our puppies. Once we stretched our legs we headed over the border, swapped vans, and boy did we feel like celebrities. Our van was all gold, comfiest seats we have experienced so far, and KARAOKEEEEE! Then we arrived in the village and were greeted by the village and Jane who is our Thai guide here. He told us all about the project here in Surin and what we will be doing with the elephants. Then we all had dinner and played some card games before heading to bed.

Tomorrows blog will now be on the Thailand experience right here : https://www.rovolunteers.com/thai-elephant-experience-blog/

Feel free to follow all our Thai Adventures there 🙂

MIa, Nikki, Tommy and Sam at Kulen Mountain

Morgan and Sarah on ftheir way home

Selfie with Makenna and Courtney before they board their flights

Lupita, Lupita, Jewel, Kayla, Jamie and Julie enjoying our girls day.