The end is near….

Hello! Today’s post is done by Elaine, Tara, and Clara!

Today was the last official work day at the Elephant Sanctuary. The work load was small and the volunteers were relaxed. We started with a short drive down the road to a locals house to chop down some sugar cane.

After we unloaded the sugar cane we headed to another house to bag up some rice husks, which was later scattered over the sugar cane to help fertilise.

Our trek into the jungle today started with The Blessing of the Trees, in which we tied orange cloths, blessed by monks, to protect the trees. It was the second day to bathe the elephant (Arun Ria), a shorter shower for her but a refreshing bath for the volunteers.

To end the night, we are currently sitting around a bonfire, spending quality time together during our final night at the Elephant Sanctuary.

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