The last day at the Sanctuary

It is one of those bitter sweet moments. It is the last full day we wake up in this unbelievably beautiful paradise. We have achieved so much but the end of our time together is drawing uncomfortably close.

That didn’t stop the volunteers from getting stuck into it! We spent a lot of the morning weeding our the sugar cane patch, these crops will be used by both elephants and volunteers in the very near future. It was dirty work where we had to wear long sleeves as the leaves on the sugar canes are quite sharp.

In the afternoon we all went together to wash Arun Rai one last time. The first bucket of water thrown wasn’t to wash an elephant but to begin the inevitable water fight. We managed to wash Arun Rai but I think the majority of the water was thrown at each other.

It was directly after that we took scarves blessed by Cambodian Buddhist Monk’s to tie around the trees in the forest. The Cambodian’s are very spiritual people and even the illegal loggers would never dream of cutting down the trees that have these scarves on them because to do so would incur bad karma for the rest of their life. The volunteers have permanently protected that part of the forest to insure the Elephants always have their refuge.

Then tonight it was one final video on the Elephants on their ability to find water and food. The more we learn about these creatures the more amazing they become!

Now we have a bon fire going for our last night together in the sanctuary. It is always an amazing time to spend with the volunteers.

I’ll upload as many photos as I can tomorrow night for our whole week here! I apologise again for not being able to put them up here but the wifi is still down and getting a repair out this far isn’t the easiest thing, so thanks again for your patience!