The lastttt melon

Whimpers and sighs filled the air this morning on our last day at the sanctuary. It was a tough time having to say goodbye to the elephants and the amazing people we spent all week with. We got one last chance to feed the elephants this morning, and we definitely made the most of it. We got all our pictures taken with them and had a last goof around hoorah. It was just the casual act of throwing Dang into the empty basket of fruit. The fun and pranks just never end with this group. Yesterday, one after the other, they took their turn playing tricks on me. Throwing water, ambushing me with ice cubes down my pants, tackling me to the ground, sheesh! We have had such a fun time though, and I’m happy they can have me there as their prank taker.DSC06580DSC06582DSC06608DSC06609

I swear my cheeks hurt constantly because we’re always laughing. That’s how it should be! Our bus ride home went smoothly and everyone got one last trip to the markets to collect all the things they needed for gifts and souvenirs upon arriving in Siem Reap. Our last dinner was great too! Tomorrow everyone heads home or off onto more adventures, but I know none of us will forget this experience together. Just fabulous, darling, just fabulous. I’ll do my best not to cry writing the blog tomorrow, but I can’t promise anything. DSC06615

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